• Filament Fibers and Yarns

    Origin PET can be used to produce many different types of filament fibers, just like fossil-based PET. These fibers can be turned into various kinds of filament yarns, including drawn textured yarns (DTY), full drawn yarns (FDY), partially oriented yarns (POY), and airjet-textured yarns (ATY). These yarns and fibers can be used for circular knits, warp knits, wovens, and nonwoven products.

  • Staple Fibers and Yarns

    Filament fibers produced with Origin PET can be cut into staple fiber of any length. Staple fibers can be spun into staple yarns or blended with synthetic or natural staple fibers to create performance blends, including ring-spun, airjet/vortex (MVS) spun, and open-end spun. These yarns and fibers can be used for circular knits, warp knits, wovens, and nonwoven products.

  • Apparel

    Yarn made from thermoplastic chip produced by Origin's technology can be converted into textile materials including knits, wovens, seamless, nonwovens, and insulation. Performance, leisure, and fashion apparel can be produced from these textiles.

  • Sewing Thread

    Through the melt extrusion of Origin PET chip, filament fibers can be created for sewing thread applications. By cutting the filaments, staple fibers may be produced for spun sewing thread applications. Filament, staple, core spun, and core wrapped sewing thread can all be incorporated into various applications including apparel, footwear, automotive, industrial, medical, and others.

  • Footwear

    Origin PET can be used in shoe uppers, shoe insoles, shoelaces, and sewing thread for embroidery. Both filament and staple yarns made from Origin polymer chip can be used in footwear in a variety of ways.

  • Nonwovens

    Nonwovens are used in food contact and packaging including airlaid, wetlaid, spunbond and spunlace, and thermobond. Applications include absorbency pads, food wrappings, tea and coffee bags, insulation bags, sacks, and more. In the apparel industry, uses also include insulation, migration scrims, and liners.

  • Medical

    Medical industry applications of Origin PET include, but are not limited to: bandages and wound coverings, patient transfer slings, sleep apnea headgear, face masks, surgical and non-surgical gowns, tourniquets, prosthetics, braces and supports, and arterial stints.

  • Carpets and Rugs

    The carpeting and flooring industry uses several fiber types and products that can become more sustainable with Origin PET. Carpeting utilizes fiber of varying sizes and shapes which also incorporate technology within the yarn at the spinning stage, polymer stage, and the manufacturing and finishing stage.

  • Home Goods

    Textiles applications in the home goods industry, hotel industry, and in industrial settings include towels, blankets, draperies, textile napkins, sheets, and furniture. All of which can be lower carbon with Origin's technology.

  • Automotive

    Knits, wovens, and nonwovens are used throughout vehicles. Applications include seat cushions and liners, nonwoven door liners, airbags, interior and trunk lining, floor carpeting, filters, seat belts, convertible tops, and tire cord, to name a few.

  • Industrial

    Industrial end uses for Origin's technology include flame retardancy and protection, agrotextiles, geotextiles, filtration and eco conservation, transportation, cut resistance and protection, construction, and others.

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