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We announced our PET caps and closures in August 2023 after several years of development. We pursued PET closures as a natural outgrowth of our mission and polymer expertise and platform development capability.

PET solutions for nearly any cap or closure.

Origin 100% PET cap.

Features and benefits

  • Mono-material solution improves recycling circularity. Better recycling without the need to separate cap from container. Enables expanded use of recycled PET.

  • Superior-performance lightweight design. Since PET offers improved mechanical properties compared with common cap materials like HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), less plastic is needed to achieve better performance.

  • Any kind of PET material. Whether it’s virgin PET, recycled PET, or bio-based PET.

  • Tamper evidence. Our PET cap provides a particularly satisfying user experience, from its feel to the sound it makes when opened.

  • Extends product shelf life. PET makes your product last longer.

  • Validated performance. Our product has passed third-party tests validating that performance meets or exceeds industry standards.

See our work with PackSys Global at their headquarters in Rüti, Switzerland.

We are partnering with PackSys Global to produce the world’s first commercial-scale PET cap and closure manufacturing system — a game changer for recycling circularity and product performance.

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Look behind the scenes at our work with IMDvista.

IMDvista is the Swiss high-tech vision company partnering with us to inspect PET caps.

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Our polyester application development team includes development experts and deep industry experience.
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