VCMDA Compliance

We have made claims regarding the anticipated carbon impact of Origin’s products, and these are collectively supported by an independent, peer-reviewed, ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment authored by Deloitte SA and available on our website. These claims include statements related to:

  • Origin being the world’s leading carbon negative materials company.
  • The ability of Origin’s technology platform or process to turn the carbon found in biomass into useful materials, while capturing carbon.
  • The anticipated carbon footprint of Origin’s products in general.
  • The anticipated carbon footprint of chemical intermediates produced directly by Origin’s material technology platform, including CMF, HTC, and Oils & Extractives.
  • The anticipated carbon footprint of products derived from Origin’s chemical intermediates, including carbon black, para-xylene, PET plastic, PTA (terephthalic acid), FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid), PEF (polyethylene furanoate), furfural, levulinic acid, beverage containers, packaging, specialty chemicals, and textiles.