Carbon Negative Building Blocks

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The consultancy firm Deloitte performed a lifecycle assessment of Origin coproducts chloromethylfurfural (CMF), hydrothermal carbon (HTC), levulinic acid, and furfural using industry standard techniques. 

Life cycle assessment summary

All Origin coproducts (CMF, HTC, levulinic acid, and furfural) are all expected to be highly carbon negative when produced at commercial scale, according to the life cycle analysis.

The assessment studies Origin products across 4 environmental criteria: climate change, ecosystem quality, resource consumption, and human health. The study demonstrates significant climate change benefit at commercial production scale, showing expected climate change impact when using sustainably grown North American softwood as follows: -1.2 kg CO2 eq/kg CMF; -1.7 kg CO2 eq/kg HTC; -1.5 kg CO2 eq/kg furfural; -1.4 kg CO2 eq/kg levulinic acid.

Life cycle assessment summary